As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) efforts to serve Africa with sustainable Infrastructure Development, Vocational Education, & Agriculture!!! Yes! Our major, minor & subordinate goals, it has now become also necessary that we fill some gaps in the lack of capacity on the ground with which we will need to achieve our stated major, minor, & subordinate goals.

Believe it, there simply isn’t the needed capacity to even achieve our major, minor & subordinate goals; even if we supposedly had the funding now to go ahead. This will exacerbate the cost, and time frame within allocated funds to achieve most of the major, minor, and subordinate goals. Not to even mention the strain, stress, burden & compromise on quality & sustainability that will be associated.

Yes, this is the true fact of the nature, of the dire situation currently faced with, which CAO wills to change for the positive with your caring, hard earned donor money, support, commitment, time & effort.

Below listed are the Subordinate Goals which strategically will also have to be in place prior to commencement of actual work on the major & minor goals. However, with Care Afrique Organization (CAO), we always seek the positive in any situation to maximize our investor, donor, board, returns sustain ably.

  • CA Bank
  • CA Investments
  • CA Cements
  • CA Construction
  • CA Lobbying
  • CA Consultancy
  • CA Foundation
  • CA Telecommunications
  • CA TV & Media

As we can all see, all these strategic subordinate goals, also offer great opportunity for viable, long term economic prospects & investments to capitalize on in this new sort of emerging market. Many of whom will for a durable period of time have CAO as their #1 client, doing great business with, while they diversify their client portfolios in due time.

CAO will like to use this opportune time to call on all long term investors to take full advantage of this new, challenging endeavor opportunity which by the way, will also come with all the benefits enjoyed by CAO in our quest to serve Africa with our major, minor, and well now our subordinate goals.

Thank You very much for your time, and please do contact us for more information, collaborations, cooperation’s, partnerships, joint venture proposals, ideas, effort, etc.