As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) minor goals, is to secure necessary funds / support / commitments for Vocational Schools Project in Ghana, West Africa, and Africa.  Factoring in future growth and consumption needs, honestly, not much need be said about the global need to increase applied skill, productive skills & literacy levels globally.

Africa, West Africa and Ghana are no exceptions. In today’s world, where there is abundant knowledge, technology, growth & development, there is a definite need for our indigenous to have the necessary skill set to be able to compete in the world market, be skilled and industrious.

As we all know by now, all CAO major projects will include a training arm by all selected consortiums. As local labor are also to be used (in support capacity) in all levels of the construction process, thereby indigenous will be able to acquire much needed knowledge, skills and expertise in various professional disciplines; making them at least semi-skilled laborers after project completion.

These vocational schools will be in all areas of construction (masonry, carpentry, electrician, welding, plumbing, etc…), auto mechanics, farming, and arts & crafts, sales & marketing, tv & media, healthcare.  There will be a mandatory 2-year completion program, participants will be required to work while attending school, ie.) Theory & practical; hands on experience.  After which diploma & employment will be provided to outstanding graduates.

Advantages / Benefits of the Vocational School Project:           

  • Help Bridge the Poverty Gap:

Without a doubt, in today’s world, without the necessary education, poverty is almost guaranteed. Those without marketable skills and knowledge are limited in their ability to be productive.

By setting up these vocational schools for our indigenous, in a very positive manner; not only are we increasing their skill set, but also their own individual value for a lifetime. Also, since the vocational schools will be an ongoing institution, we will be churning out semi-skilled professionals on a continuous basis which will be beneficial for us, the country and the world.

Now that’s donor money being used much more sustain ably.

  • Economic Factors:

 Economically, CAO also benefits in the long run since we will now have at our disposal skilled laborers working to build and maintain infrastructural projects with experience, and at a very nominal wage, and also to train the new and upcoming generation behind them.

The entire country, continent and world benefits if we have employable, productive, experienced individuals to turn the wheels of industry and capitalism.

  • Educational Factors:

They say when you educate a woman, you educate an entire village. Now, we have a chance to educate both male & female in the community. With education there is no limit or telling what one can dream of achieving.

An educated indigenous, just raises standards for all of us in this part of the world at least.

  • Health (Economic) Factors:

Health here, refers to the now made semi-skilled indigenous who can now help create a healthy, productive economy for themselves, community, and country’s Economic Health, that is.


  • Empowerment Reasons:

Truly as part of our empowerment efforts, we cannot simply claim to bring about empowerment to African people, when we simply train indigenous to take up the challenge, and make ourselves employable, productive.

Quite frankly we think of it as a basic human right for all. Assuredly an empowerment tool as well. All deserve to be well equipped for the current and future life challenges, especially when it comes to working for a living.


  • Increase Productivity:

All great nations today, got to where they are today by making sure that their infrastructure was in place for growth and development.  This is also why they are so productive and successful.

With more indigenous gaining semi employable skills, thus in turn. Individually productive and    collectively will positively increase productivity across the nations & continent.


  • Foster Growth & Development:

CAO, simply believes that once more indigenous people gain the needed set skills, automatically self-awareness, growth and development will follow.


  • Create Opportunity:

Not much need be said here. The training that is being given is an opportunity in itself. The opportunity the indigenous will make of it will be an added benefit as well for CAO & them.

  • Create Employment:

As CAO grows, as our major goals get built, operated, and maintained, this results in employment. As the community and economy grows, more jobs will be created. As productivity increases, more employees will be needed. As labor is more specific, skilled, and affordable, entrepreneurs will spring up even amongst our newly trained indigenous. See all roads lead to more jobs.


  • Deliver Future Hope:

Hope for the future will be reborn. Earning money certainly helps spell HOPE in the minds of all.


Who Will It Benefit?

Directly, it will benefit all 28 million people in Ghana; and indirectly the entire Africa, and world in many measurable and immeasurable ways indeed. We hope to train at least 1000+ indigenous annually.

Estimated Costs:

Necessary – feasibility, geological, statistical, environmental survey. After which we believe ICC – International Construction Consortium, Bechtel-USA, Vinci-FR, Parsons Brinkerhoff-SA, and others, can most accurately estimate costs and duration etc…, since they are the consortiums that will be capable of building such a huge project.

We at Care Afrique Organization (CAO) roughly estimate it to costs in the upwards of a $1 billion to complete all phases to operation & sustainability.   

* If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping CAO achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS PROJECT success. Thank You!!!