As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) minor goals, is to secure necessary funding / grants / support, for Sports Endowment Project in Ghana, West Africa, and Africa.

With lots of youth in broken homes, less fortunate situations, increase in crime and drug usage, prostitution and other equally detrimental vices, etc… it is vital that measures be taken to help channel our youth in the proper, responsible, accountable, respectable people we expect them to become.

The sports endowment project will be geared towards taking our less fortunate children and discovering their inner most talents. Many children we see are like ours just less fortunate. With soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, hockey, boxing, chess, drafts, body-building, poker, athletics, volley ball, etc… talents discovered in them, we can help them hone onto their talents and build upon them. Superstar sports men and women can be brought to light.

Your donor money and our passion to help discover youth talents, build and improve them can be realized. Taking our youths off the streets and improving lives in the areas of sports. Your donor money can be very well spent saving actual lives.

Advantages / Benefits of the Sports Endowment Project:

  • Saving Children’s Lives:

Youths, whom otherwise will end up in criminal activity and vices, on the streets, destitute, will be talent searched in the sports fields as mentioned and more. This will help foster better communities and help discover talents otherwise going to complete waste.

Every child deserves a helping hand, and all need parental or adult guidance. “As a twig is bent, so shall it grow” We’ll make sure it is bent the right way, thanks to your support.

  • Societal Factors:

Some are born into rich homes, some into poor, some into good families, some into broken homes, some with parents, some orphan, this is the reality of our society.

However, with your funding being disadvantaged shouldn’t necessary be a curse. An orphan can be a great athlete. He/she needs to be discovered and helped to reach their full potential.

  • Educational Factors:

They say when you educate a woman, you educate an entire village. Honestly, we all know education can also mean discovering your talent, working to improve competitiveness and becoming a world class athlete.

Education is enlightenment. Education is to know who and what you are and have. Education is using what you know and have to make your life and environment a better place to live.

Sports also calls for discipline, focus, determination, endurance, goal oriented, achieving etc… which are all educational.

  • Health Factors:

Sport’s is a healthy choice. Being athletic in any sport, calls for good health. Good healthy young ones running around means healthy happy children.

  • Empowerment Reasons:

Truly as part of our empowerment efforts, we cannot simply claim to bring about empowerment to African people, when we simply support our less fortunate indigenous to take up the challenge, and move forward into the future.

To us quite frankly, everything is empowering. Certainly sports assuredly also empowering.

  • Increase Productivity:

Healthy Environment = Healthy Indigenous people.

Healthy people = Increase productivity.

Healthy sports youth = Healthy sports productivity.

Churning out world class sports men & women; winning awards, championships, medals, and recognition. Not to even mention the huge income potentials now for athletes.

  • Foster Growth & Development:

CAO, simply believes that once more indigenous people gain the awareness, sports growth and development will be incorporated into all facets of our lives.  This is in all due respect, positive.

  • Create Opportunity:

Not much need be said here. The training that is being given is an opportunity in itself. The opportunity the indigenous will make of it will be an added benefit as well for them. Sports can be and is an opportunity for many.

  • Create Employment:

As CAO grows, as our major goals get built, operated, and maintained, this equals employment. As the community and sports grows, more jobs will be created. As productivity increases, more sports employees will be needed.

As sports is more specific, skilled, and affordable, entrepreneurs will spring up even amongst our newly trained indigenous. See all roads lead to more jobs even in sports.

  • Deliver Future Hope: Hope for the future will be reborn.

Who Will It Benefit?

Directly, it will benefit all 28million people in Ghana; and indirectly the entire Africa, and world in many measurable and immeasurable ways, sustainable indeed. We hope to ideally save at least 500+ – people annually.

Estimated Cost:

We at Care Afrique Organization (CAO) roughly estimate it to cost about a $100million or even much less.  Just that we want to do it on a large scale to be able to at least provide need infrastructure, amenities, facilities, and equipment. Also professional scouts will be needed to effectively comb our streets in search of the new BOLT for example. 

* If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping CAO achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE SPORTS ENDOWMENT PROJECT success. Thank You!!!