As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) minor goals, is to secure necessary funding / support / commitments, for CAO Science & Technology Project in Ghana, West Africa, and Africa with a keen focus on computer and technology innovation.

Truly this is been long overdue.  Africa, I believe is where we are now simply because of our illiteracy in science and the immense opportunity that can be generated out of it. When it comes to technology, it’s a shame. When we cannot even manufacture portable air-condition units for local use in our hot climate.

This project, will not only aim to train our indigenous science graduates to apply their education in the science fields, but to actually use it to manufacture equipment and machinery used in local industry.

Also knowledge of computer hardware & software will be thought in theory, practical, and applied methods to gain the full potential of its use. Its high time Africa gets to par with the level of computer and technological advancement and use.

Your support and funding in this matter will be crucially important and unavoidable as it is sustainable.

Advantages / Benefits of the Science & Technology Project:

  • Acquire Science & Technology Capability:

If Africa is to become sustainable on its own, acquiring science & technology capability, know how, etc… will be vital. CAO, seeks to channel donor money towards this sustainable end and capitalize on the innovation and knowledge promulgated by the west and more developed worlds.

  • Social Factors:

Without a doubt! One must be living under a rock or in the stone ages if you don’t have one or more innovative technology surrounding you. The world is now a global village due to technology.

Ideally, one might not even be able to communicate with the rest of the world if you are not the least technology savvy.  One needs technology to be socially in the know now as well.

  • Educational Factors:

We Africans need to learn and educate ourselves on science & technology. We need to know how to create/make, use and apply technology to make life less stressful. Science & technology should be thought in schools and used as educational tools as well. Today we all are using science & technology already one way or the other.  Now it’s time for us to contribute more to it.

  • Health Factors:

Science & technology is already contributed a lot in the health fields and continues to be very innovative and necessary when it comes to healthcare. Africa can actually use it as well to research and improve our holistic medicine potential and properties.

Science & Technology for Health

  • Empowerment Reasons:

Truly as part of our empowerment efforts, we cannot simply claim to bring about empowerment to African people, when we simply support our less fortunate indigenous to take up the challenge, and move forward into the future. The science and technology future!

To us all CAO goals are empowering. Certainly science & technology, assuredly also empowering

  • Increase Productivity:

Clearly, the application of science & technology has greatly helped individuals, corporations; nations etc… increase dramatically their productivity. What used to take several days to do is now done in a matter of hours.

  • Foster Growth & Development:

CAO, simply believes that as more indigenous people gain the awareness, growth and development in science & technology will be incorporated into all facets of our lives.  This is in all due respect, positive and good in many respects.

  • Create Opportunity:

Not much need be said here. The training that is being given is an opportunity in itself. The opportunity the indigenous will make of it will be an added benefit as well for them. Science & technology can be and is an opportunity for many.

  • Create Employment:

As CAO grows, as our major goals get built, operated, and maintained, this equals employment. As the community and sports grows, more jobs will be created. As productivity increases, more science & technology employees will be needed.

As science & technology is more specific, skilled, and affordable, entrepreneurs will spring up even amongst our newly trained indigenous. See all roads lead to more jobs with science & technology.

  • Deliver Future Hope:  Hope for the future will be reborn.


Who Will It Benefit?

Directly, it will benefit all 28 million people in Ghana, millions more in West Africa, and Africa; and indirectly the entire continent, and world in many measurable and immeasurable ways, sustainability at work indeed.

Estimated Cost:

We are still awaiting necessary – feasibility, geological, statistical, environmental survey. After which we believe ICC – International Construction Consortium, Bechtel-USA, Vinci-FR, Parsons Brinkerhoff-SA, and others, can most accurately estimate costs and duration etc…, since they are the consortiums that will be capable of building such a huge project.

We at Care Afrique Organization (CAO) roughly estimate it to costs in the upwards of a $100 million to complete all phases to operation & sustainability.                                 

 * If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping CAO achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PROJECT success. Thank You!!!