As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) major goals, is to secure necessary funding / support / commitments, for the construction of the state of the art Solar Power Project in Ghana; capable of generating much needed reliable, abundant, dependable, and renewable, power supply for the entire national consumption (for both individuals & corporations alike) & possibly export. Factoring in future growth and consumption needs (100,000 GWh )

Energy problem is in terrible disarray in Africa. Ghana is no exception. In today’s world, where there is abundant knowledge, technology, growth & development, there should be no reason why going home to switch on the light should be a luxury. Honestly, we believe energy / power should be a basic necessity for all.

Advantages / Benefits of the Solar Power Project:

  • Solve Energy Crisis:

This solar power project will definitely solve the issues of power outages, shortages, interruptions etc… we currently experience in Ghana; in the 21st century. Whilst positively spending donor money to very well sustainable use.

  • Economic Factors:

The entire Ghanaian economy suffers when power is cut-off, interrupted, not available. Productivity comes to a halt. Businesses loose, the buyers now have to pay more for the same products because now it costs more to preserve, since power generators will now have to be used.

All these factors and more work hand in hand to make a small negligible problem and big clear problem. Investors don’t come in, costs sky-rocket, businesses loose profits, meaning more unemployment, etc…  Economically it is needed to boost the economy.

  • Educational Factors:

The entire educational apparatus, does not foster well when training equipment, learning tools, machinery, computers, etc… that need power to operate are not able to because power is cut-off.

Students cannot be taught in school, some come home from school (be it nursery to university level), and cannot do their homework, research, etc…that they have to turn in perhaps the next day because power is out.  Workers are left idle on company time etc…

  • Health Factors:

We all know Africans do not manufacture any health equipment’s, machines, or apparatus yet; which means all have to depend on the western equipment’s in our health facilities which all use power for the most part.

It is a sad pathetic situation, when a hospital, a huge hospital with all specialties of medicinal practice under one roof has to endure power outage.  What if someone is undergoing surgery, in a power operated machine, etc… very dangerous and scary scenario.

  • Empowerment Reasons:

Truly as part of our empowerment efforts, we cannot simply claim to bring about empowerment to African people, when we cannot even provide light.  This is an innovation that was created by man for mankind; and yes as we know it today we simply cannot live without power energy.

Quite frankly we think of it as a basic human right for all. Assuredly an empowerment tool as well.

  • Increase Productivity:

All great nations today, got to where they are today by making sure that their infrastructure was in place for growth and development.  This is also why they are so productive and successful.

Power simply makes it possible for people, businesses, students, governments, industry, to really work around the clock. There by increasing productivity, quality, and service.

  • Foster Growth & Development:

Abundant, reliable, dependable, renewable power clearly also allows for growth & development.

Businesses, industry, investments, money, flock to China, USA, Europe, etc… because they know that their businesses will enjoy abundant, reliable power to turn their machinery and continue to build them wealth.

  • Create Opportunity:-

The arrival of abundant, reliable, dependent, consistent power will bring along diverse opportunity for countless many indigenous in and off itself.  People will simply start to feel and realize more opportunity day or night. Days will start to seem shorter, nights more pleasurable.

  • Create Employment:

The construction of 10,000 GWh solar power project in and off itself will bring about new jobs in various disciplines, specialties and levels.

Completion of the solar power project, will also signal to industry, business, growth and development a climate of welcome, and will bring in more investor $$$ to the country and thereby help create more jobs for the countless unemployed.

  • Deliver Future Hope:

With this solar power project, will come hope for the future, to the masses that have lived in darkness for so long. Now we will start to believe that we can do it. Hope will be reborn in the minds and hearts of people for what’s to come in the future.

Who Will It Benefit?

Directly, it will benefit all 28million people in Ghana, millions more in West Africa; and indirectly the entire continent, and world in many measurable and immeasurable ways; sustainable indeed.

Estimated Costs:

Necessary – feasibility, geological, statistical, environmental survey. After which we believe ICC – International Construction Consortium, Bechtel-USA, Vinci-FR, Parsons Brinkerhoff-SA, and others, can most accurately estimate costs and duration etc…, since they are the consortiums that will be capable of building such a huge project.

We at Care Afrique Organization (CAO) roughly estimate it to costs in the upwards of a $2billion to complete all phases to operation & sustainability.  

* If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping CAO achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE SOLAR PROJECT success. Thank You!!!