As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) major goals, is to secure necessary funding / grants / support, for CAO major goal of a state of the art Railway Project in Ghana, expandable to other parts of West Africa in the future.  Factoring in future growth and usage needs.

Currently still; there are no railways linking the length and breadth of the nation Ghana. Let alone any two African countries together. This is a mode of transportation that is needed in any nation seeking development and growth.

Railways can be used cost effectively to transport people, cargo, and waste to and from one point to another quickly & efficiently. This will also be the same reasons why CAO seeks to put donor money to sustainable use for the Ghanaian, and hopefully West African nations.

Advantages / Benefits of the Railway Project:           

  • Mass Affordable Transportation:

The railway project will bring about an alternative, new mode, affordable, mass transportation network to the general public, other than the locomotive mode that is currently being depended on vastly across the continent.

Donor money needs to be used much more sustain ably.


  • Economic Factors:

The entire African & world economy suffers when logistical networks are not properly laid. Ghana and West Africa have transportation hurdles that need to be addressed ASAP. Not to mention the jobs and opportunities that comes along with CAO Railways.

For trade & commerce to be efficient and effective, logistical infrastructure has to be available. Today, business is fast paced. Moving at the speed of light! For Ghana and West Africa to meet the challenges of the present and future, careful planning in transportation networks must be explored. Economically, it’s a must. CAO Sustainable Solution CAO Railways


  • Educational Factors:

Knowledge, skills, technical known how, experience, etc… will be gained in the construction of this rail way project which will be of even more importance in terms of maintaining this infrastructure, and many more.


  • Health Factors:

Driving long hours, sitting in traffic congestions, honking, speeding, etc… all go a long way to adversely affect our health in many direct and indirect ways. Not that subways / railways make our health better but it helps reduce some of these symptoms.


  • Empowerment Reasons:

To us at CAO, anything development in Ghana, West Africa, Africa, has an empowerment approach to viewing it. Empowerment does not stop with us.


  • Increase Productivity:

With proper logistical networks in place, such as this railway project; people, goods & services, produce, etc… will be able to move from various points to various points with much ease and convenience. This will without a doubt increase mobility, productivity, business, trade and commerce.


  • Foster Growth & Development:

When trade, business, commerce, industry, productivity, etc… increases, clearly also growth & development follow. This works hand in hand. One simply cannot exist without the other. Businesses, industry, investments, money, flock to China, USA, Europe, etc… because they know that logistical infrastructure is readily available. They can hit the ground and start running.

  • Create Opportunity:

With newly found transportation network (Railway), comes newly found opportunity. Opportunities will just spring up from all corners of the country and continent with their new found ease of mobility.


  • Create Employment:

Building the railways, operating the railways, maintaining the railways, etc…will create lots of skilled and unskilled labor for the indigenous.


  • Deliver Future Hope:

Once people get to see and realize all these positive initiatives realized it simply brings about confidence and hope in what we can really achieve if we set our hearts and minds to it.


Who Will It Benefit?

Directly, it will benefit all 28 million people in Ghana, millions more in West Africa; and indirectly the entire Africa, and world in many measure able and immeasurable ways; sustainable indeed.


Estimated Costs:

Necessary – feasibility, geological, statistical, environmental survey. After which we believe ICC – International Construction Consortium, Bechtel-USA, Vinci-FR, Parsons Brinkerhoff-SA, and others, can most accurately estimate costs and duration etc…, since they are the consortiums that will be capable of building such a huge project.

We at Care Afrique Organization (CAO) roughly estimate it to costs in the upwards of a $2 billion to complete all phases to operation & sustainability.  

* If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping CAO achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE RAILWAY PROJECT success. Thank You!!!