As part of Care Afrique Organization’s (CAO) major goals, is to secure necessary funding / support / Commitments, for CAO Health; Holistic Project in Ghana, and West Africa; to gather pertinent information, on herbal healing properties, organize & analyze the data, and use for the gathered information for learning purposes, treatment & healing processes.

I have always maintained that, “many cultures have been treating & curing diseases; long before the advent of Western medicine or scientific medicine.”  Sincerely, I think it is high time funding is made available to do more concrete, detailed, comprehensive research into holistic / healthy medicine healing for all. More healthy knowledge benefits everyone.

Ignorance should be put aside and knowledge acquired about our potent local, environmental, ancestral, traditional, healing remedies.  Also, the huge adverse effects of western medicine, coupled with the costs associated with them in Africa, calls for an immediate alternative search. We simply cannot afford them & the cheap alternatives from elsewhere (imitation lands) are simply even worsening people’s conditions; if not outright killing us dead.

Advantages / Benefits of the Herbal Project                 

  • Holistic / Herbal Medicinal Development and Research:
    In the field of medicine, we sincerely do believe Africa, has a lot to contribute to themselves and the world. With adequate funding and direction cure for AIDS etc… can all be within reach. Donor money needs to be used much more sustainably in Africa; for the benefit of mankind.


  • Economic Factors:
    Economically, a whole new successful, innovative, industry will be created employing millions of people directly or indirectly, creating revenue for governments, all while healing Africa, and the world.


  • Educational Factors:
    Knowledge, skills, technical knowhow, information, data, experience, etc… will be gained which will be crucial to our knowledge of self, our surroundings, and our medicines. Our medical practitioners should also know about their own kind of traditional healing methods for a broader understanding of medicine for treatment & healing purposes.


  • Health Factors:
    Knowledge of self, knowledge of our medicinal properties, knowledge of our traditional / holistic / herbal healing methods will only help be more conscious of what and how we live. Ideally, it will also create an opportunity to for our leaders, to strategize and form a comprehensive healthcare system that actually works for us here in Ghana, West Africa, and Africa.


  • Empowerment Reasons:
    To us at CAO, all our projects in Ghana, West Africa, Africa, has an empowerment approach to viewing it. Empowerment does not stop with us. “Africans healing Africans and the world; with African Herbal /Holistic / Traditional medicine and knowledge”.


  • Increase Productivity: Healthy, strong people will without a doubt produce more.


  • Foster Growth & Development:
    The herbal / holistic / traditional medicine approach to healthcare in Africa, growth and development in this field, will continue. This will help create a high standard and acceptance for our medicine.


  • Create Opportunity:
    Health and healthy opportunities will be inevitably created. Many will get the opportunity to be treated well, many cures will be developed, and more vaccines, etc… all will be a win for health and healthy opportunities.


  • Create Employment:
    Employment in many fields of health and health care services will be created. Much needed jobs of diverse skills, levels, will cut across.


  • Deliver Future Hope:
    Once people get to see and realize all these positive initiatives realized; it will simply bring about confidence and hope in what we can really achieve if we set our hearts and minds to it.


Who Will It Benefit?
Directly, it will benefit all 28 million people in Ghana, many more millions in West Africa and Africa; and indirectly the entire Africa, and world in many measurable and immeasurable ways indeed.

Estimated Costs:
Necessary – feasibility, geological, statistical, environmental survey. After which we believe ICC – International Construction Consortium, Bechtel-USA, Vinci-FR, Parsons Brinkerhoff-SA, and others, can most accurately estimate costs and duration etc…, since they are the consortiums that will be capable of building such a huge project.  We at CAO roughly estimate it to costs in the upwards of a $2 billion to complete all phases to operation.

* If you are an individual, foundation, business, government, etc… capable of helping us achieve our goal and are willing to support, please contact us ASAP for immediate dialogue and progress towards the realization of THE Health; Holistic PROJECT success. Thank You!!!