I am Akwasi T. Appiah, founder & CEO of Care Afrique Organization (CAO), a Non-Governmental Organization, (NGO), set up for;

“For the Economic, Educational, Health Development and Empowerment of Africa, Particularly Ghana, and West Africa”

“Sustainable Development; Sustainable Growth” is what we propose. Teach a man how to fish; not give just him a fish; is the premise on which CAO is found. Mutual Benefit & Interest

“There cannot be any meaningful development and growth in Ghana and Africa without the necessary infrastructure in place”. Everything else is secondary. We know and strongly believe this as Truth, Fact; Evidently”

As broad, huge, cumbersome, confusing, & ambitious as our mission statement sounds, covers and entails; it simply translates into Infrastructural Development; Vocational Education; & Agriculture; in Ghana, West Africa, and Africa. CAO in an ownership & managerial role as we propose, with a world class team of experts; it surely is achievable, urgent, necessary, viable & sustainable; with all our mutual benefit & interest served.

CAO, strongly believes and knows that once the proper infrastructure is in place, all other benefits adherently will fall into place. This is also the road map our predecessors in the developed world; used to get where they are now (Developed / Advanced / Proactive). They built their nations along with the private sectors, from the ground up focusing on basic infrastructure, human capital & agriculture. Empowerment for all.

Dear World, CAO appeals; the old notion of charitable giving with no sustainability, no accountability, no lasting solutions for issues at hand on the part of the donor as well as receiver; giving that facilitates this currently ongoing vicious cycle of dependency has to end abruptly & immediately.

The new age of charitable giving “CARE KIND” will now honorably be championed by Care Afrique Organization (CAO). Focusing on sustainable, practical, common sense, lasting solutions; implemented once; forever solve for all. Fostering in Real Independence & True Empowerment!


Moving forward into the desired future as CAO envisions; no one should walk miles to fetch dirty water, come prepare the dirty water, before it can even be used – Going home to flick a switch for power / light on; should not be a luxury but a necessity in today’s day and age. Famine, hunger & starvation should be eradicated completely and many more. Sustainable Positive Change for progress. Why not with current Funds, Support & Commitment if used sustain ably?

All this we firmly say, because of already existing knowledge, skills & technology, Thanks to the West; Developed Nations; are readily available to all. CAO is ready to plug Africa in. Forward Only!!!

CAO hereby calls on world leaders of diverse fields, UN, G7, G20, IMF, World Bank, Individuals, Governments, Donors, Business Community, Corporations, Foundations, Well-Wishers, Investors, Capitalists, You & I; all to show your caring side.

Africa has been in depression for too long. Economic Prosperity, Growth, Development, Empowerment, has to come, and come now. CAO will with your assistance / help will surely bring our goals to realization. Physical, Tangible, Monetary, Material – Yes! Desired Intended Results.


All this can be done and will be done with your help. No Doubt!!! All this can be done with your FUNDS, SUPPORT, COMMITMENT, EFFORT, INITIATIVE, TEAMWORK, WILL, DESIRE; Burning Desire, LOVE, EMPATHY, ENTHUSIAM, FAITH, HOPE, etc… all of which are already being inappropriately channeled for the most part in Africa. CAO major, minor, & subordinate goals; is the most effective, efficient, true, lasting, sustainable way to use aide funds in Africa. CAO SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS!!!

We appeal to you; give, give, and give whole heartedly, “Where there is a Will; there is a Way”. We know & understand money is no object when we all realize there is a true dire need. Just take a look at our short documentary, others about Africa; see for yourself. Urgent Human Need!!!

Yes Indeed! We know that these major, minor & subordinate goals are severely capital intensive; yet view from the humane stand point, the long term, the sustainable, perspectives; and beholdol it suddenly becomes a tiny drop in the bucket for humanity.

Dear World, let’s support Africa, let’s support CAO, let’s support CAO Major, Minor, & Subordinate goals. All these are long overdue indeed; faults from all corners; blame on us all, but its not too late to rectify.

Timing is now perfect, Africans now realize a need for CAO efforts, we’ve had the opportunity to travel and broaden our horizons, we’ve heard, seen and now ask your help in duplicating success in Africa for our benefit, and the benefit of the entire world. Mutual Benefit & Interests; directly & indirectly; measurable & immeasurable; Time is Now.

Do take a look at our major, minor, & subordinate goals with which we seek to achieve our above & below stated mission.

“For the Economic, Educational, Health Development & Empowerment of Africa, Particularly Ghana & West Africa”

Nations currently speak of successfully averting recession, depression, economic slow down, tough times etc… Africa folk’s, has been in all these and more; for long since you & I can remember.  U-Turn / 180° positive turn to CAO Sustainable Development & Growth.

We are ready to start in Ghana with all, in full official support. After which we will expand with your continued funds, support, & commitment to other parts of West Africa & Africa. Some of our goals can & will be implemented across Africa immediately eg… agriculture.  Please Contact Us ASAP!

THANK YOU for spending quality, positive, time out your busy schedule with Care Afrique Organization (CAO); and look forward to sharing successes and achievements soon. Thank You very much!!!

Blessed Bless!!!